The Arabian Spirit

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Their role in society, too, has been malleable: Jinn have served as a source of inspiration for both the most esteemed classical Arab poets in the first millenium and Disney in jinni—aka genie—is the singular of jinn. Still, despite their mysterious nature, there are some things historians, Islamic scholars, and believers of jinn have come to discern about the spirits. According to El-Zein, pagan Arabs big believers in the occult worshipped jinn long before Islam was introduced in the seventh century, believing that the spirits were masters of certain crafts and elements of nature who had the power to turn plots of land fertile.

Jinn are believed to both interact with humans in our reality and lead their own lives in a separate realm.

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They can talk or otherwise communicate with people, though some, like poets, are more likely than others to be hit up by a jinni. Jinn are considered part of al-ghaib , or the unseen. As invisible entities with abstract definitions, belief in them manifests differently between communities and individuals.

For instance, while some Islamic scholars agree that jinn are capable of possession , others do not. Still, in both the past and present, stories of those possessed by jinn are not hard to find.

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People who partake in the latter believe that the pain is not felt by the person who the jinni occupies, but the jinni themself. Despite stories of possession, Jinn are remarkable in their propensity towards neither good or evil. They can fuck up, they can be pious, they can help us, or they can hurt us, as shown in folktales from One Thousand and One Nights commonly known in English as Arabian Nights.

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Arabian Spirit

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