Shortcut: Getting Through to People Who Slow You Down

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Luckily, screen readers have a built-in fix for this issue: Forms mode. In forms mode, most standard screen reader quick keys are deactivated, so that you can fill out forms without accidentally triggering a quick key. Forms mode is activated automatically in NVDA when you navigate to a form control, such as a text field or radio button, with the Tab key. It automatically deactivates when you navigate out of the form, press Enter to submit the form, or select a button.

You'll hear one sound, like a chime, when forms mode activates, and a slightly different sound when it deactivates.

1. Focus on most important tasks (MITs) first

It does provide a list of the essential commands that new or novice NVDA users should know. If you are new to screen readers, plan on spending more time perhaps several hours on this page and the example pages becoming more comfortable using NVDA. Don't get discouraged if things still seem confusing after only a few minutes. Slow down the reading speed and take your time.

Read a page

It is usually easier to work with NVDA on a full keyboard. There is a different keyboard configuration available if you prefer to use a laptop keyboard, but it is not addressed in this article. Reading There are dozens of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to read content by line, sentence, word, character, etc. If you get lost, this is how you can start over.

Navigation Sighted users visually navigate through web content in a number of ways. Quick Keys The following Quick Keys will help you navigate common page elements. Images Every image on a page needs alternative text. Image examples and practice. For instance, we press Shift to draw a square instead of a rectangle or capitalised text. If not, a quasimode Shift key is enough. There are hardly any standards in this field, but if we wish to flatten the learning curve for our customers, we must consider current conventions. To keep the system consistent over time, have a keyboard cheat sheet before your eyes either in a digital or a print-out form.

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The common standard is to show the keyboard shortcuts window on pressing the? If your application uses different shortcuts in different contexts say, for preview and for editing a document , you can change the contents of the?

Pros of such approach:. Each window looks less frightening if your application has many shortcuts. Another approach is to divide the keyboard cheat sheet window into sections by context, action type, etc. In tooltips on links and buttons:. Hints in the dialog windows. Context-aware hints in the bottom bar. All the above said is a result of several years stepping on rakes while designing, observing and re-designing keyboard-friendly web apps. Become a member. Sign in. Get started. J, K, or How to choose keyboard shortcuts for web applications.

Keyboard shortcuts are a powerful productivity booster widely used in desktop software. How can we apply them in web applications? Sasha Maximova Follow.

It makes moving text, photos, files, folders and everything else a breeze. Every program has Copy and Paste icons, and if you right-click on files and folders in Windows, you'll see Copy and Paste as options. For those who do a lot of copying and pasting, however, the keyboard shortcuts are a big time-saver.

Use the built-in screen reader

You're done! Thanks to larger, high-resolution monitors for laptops and desktops, many websites and programs are hard to read. The text just looks too small. This will increase the zoom level in most browsers and some programs. Bonus tip: If you already have one hand on your mouse, you can also hold CTRL and scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Years ago, this was the first keyboard shortcut most people learned. In the olden days of computers, it rebooted your computer if it was acting up, which happened quite a bit. You could solve a lot of problems with these three keys.

He wanted a quick way to reboot test systems that were locked. Ironically, he never intended for the public to actually use it.