Media and Morality: On the Rise of the Mediapolis

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Media and morality on the rise of the mediapolis

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Effects of Social Media on Children's Morals

Rodolfo Maggio. Radical Democracy and Collective Movements Today. Alexandros Kioupkiolis. Consuming Technologies. Eric Hirsch. And questioning its present and future requires attention to issues of media justice, media literacy and media regulation. Media and Morality is essential reading for all students and scholars of the media but will be of equal fascination to anyone interested in the workings of our modern world. This item is available only to U. Overview Details Customer Reviews. Click here for more details Telegraph bookshop.

Description Roger Silverstone's compelling new book places the global media at the heart of the moral future of civilisation. Add to Basket. Also by Silverstone Roger Silverstone. Media and Morality.