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More options. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Edgar Geoffrey , Contributor Stapley, R. Ronald Frank , Summary History is full of myths, legends, fables, folklore, misinformation and misconceptions. Whether they have come about inadvertently or deliberately, many have ingrained themselves upon the public imagination. This title presents some of the most popular and most enduring of these myths from the American and French Revolutions to the two world wars and beyond.

Arranged within well defined geographical or thematic sections, and through a mix of long and short entries, each topic is clearly explained and the myth, error or controversy exposed. An authoritative and illuminating miscellany where you can find a straight answer to all those niggling questions about the past. Bibliographic information. By the the time the British press found out about it, they though it was hilarious and ran stories about the prudish Americans.

Debunking History

There's no evidence of anyone else in America doing this. But the tables turned during the 20th century when somehow the myth became that the British couldn't stand the sight of a naked table leg. Several people had pioneered lightbulbs before him, but Edison brought out longer-lasting incandescent versions that were viable commercially.

There is a persistent if somewhat unlikely myth that Albert Einstein, one of the most important scientific thinkers of all, was bad at maths. Not so: he was brilliant from an early age. What did happen is he failed his entrance exam to the Swiss Polytechnic in Zurich despite excelling in the maths and physics sections , but he was only 16, two years younger than most people applying for university and he was under pressure from his dad to enter a technical profession rather than pursue learning.

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Debunking History: book review | A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe

Share On snapchat Share On snapchat. Universal Pictures. Several others in the same line have followed it, so I guess their bait has proved effective. Perhaps because there is always a desire to learn that your teachers were wrong? This American thanks you for calling out that passage as defamatory. There may be people who think that way, but they are not at present our leaders, and I like to think that the majority of my countrymen and women are more nuanced thinkers, even the mawkish patriots. Indeed; and I think our authors here are prone to shouting a bit themselves.

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Both of my daughters years 13 and 11 at excellent schools in Cambridge have encountered teachers with this kind of blind anti-Americanism. It would be easy to ignore this attitude the result of envy and arrogance, I suspect but it bleeds into their treatment of American students in their classrooms and encourages the majority of students to verbally attack the minority. Good manners are supposed to be one of the things that distinguish the British, after all!

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Christianity Debunked Using Science and History Richard Carrier

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